I am trying to add a table of contents to a collection of pdfs I have joined to a single pdf to submit for an application. (I used pdf arranger for this)

I have added a first page with the contents, however I would like to add internal links to the pages of each document. My question is similar to Add links in PDF which unfortunately has no answers. However, I do not have acrobat and would preferably like to use a free, available for linux solution for the task.

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You can prepare a suitable bookmarks.txt or bookmarks.json file, and then use cpdf -set-bookmarks bookmarks.txt in.pdf -o out.pdf or cpdf -set-bookmarks-json bookmarks.json in.pdf -o out.pdf as appropriate. A bookmarks.txt file might look like this:

0 "Part 1" 1 open
1 "Part 1A" 2
1 "Part 1B" 3
0 "Part 2" 4
1 "Part 2a" 5

The format details are in the manual, linked from https://community.coherentpdf.com/


Ended up using latex to create the table of contents... @johnwhitington's solution looks simpler, so I set this as the answer, but I was pretty happy with the pdf i created... Here is a simplification of the latex code used...




\section*{Documents Index:}

\begin{center}\begin{tabular}{c p{38em}}
        \hyperref[anx:1]{Annex 1:}& \hyperref[anx:1]{This is a title} \\
        \hyperref[anx:2]{Annex 2:}& \hyperref[anx:2]{And another }\\
        \hyperref[anx:3]{Annex 3:}& \hyperref[anx:3]{And so on... }\\




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