Context: I perform music in a cover band. We have a growing list of over 300 songs (200-ish which we perform and 100-ish works-in-progress), and I maintain this list in a spreadsheet.

A year ago I used Spotlistr text import to convert the entire list of covers into a Spotify playlist of the original songs.
Since then, I manually update the Spotify list whenever we add a new song.

Some months later, I used Exportify to get all the Spotify metadata and add it into my spreadsheet.

My question is:

I wonder if it is possible to see the connections from one song to various others, in order to dynamically select the next song in our performance without having to scroll through the entire list.

I'm thinking of something like the Spotify Artist Network, which shows the connections between various artists with a network graph.
I would like to achieve something similar, but linking the songs to each other rather than artists - and limited specifically to the songs on my band playlist linked above.

I am a below-average programmer, and I don't know that I could create something like this from scratch - so

  1. are there any tools that can do this? AI or otherwise? if not ...
  2. what would I need to do in order to do this myself with mediocre programming skill?


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