Good morning,
I want to ask you some suggestions to create an application that basically is able to replicate Google Maps using Here APIs.

My principal purpose is to display a map and a polyline that indicates the route between my actual position and a specified location. This map must be updated frequenty according to the actual position on the car.

Any idea of a guideline to follow? I'm completely new to the world of programming an application like that, but from what I've found a good solution can be to use Javascript or React.


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You should definitely dive deeper into the documentation (https://developer.here.com/documentation/geocoding-search-api/dev_guide/topics/implementing-route.html) if you do advanced calculations like this. And better to ask those questions on https://gis.stackexchange.com/ rather than here. Talking about the actual (react) app and what to utilize is quite a broad topic. Here service offers some overview, which should kick-start you however without proper react introduction, you are missing a lot.

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