I can't access reddit in Indonesia normally. No one can. But for android there is a software that take care of it. It's called Intra.

Install Intra turn it on tada it works.

In PC I tried to use simpleDNScrypt.

It works for a while

However, now every time I tried to access reddit I got this screen

enter image description here

I do not understand what Intra really did. Simply changing DNS server? Well. Simplednscrypt do far more than that and fail. Yet Intra in my android phone works fine.

I wonder if there is a software like Intra for windows 10

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My understanding is that Intra uses DNS over HTTPS to encrypt your data. If it's possible for you to upgrade to Windows 11, then you can have the feature natively in the settings. Here is a guide on HowToGeek for activating that setting. If upgrading to Windows 11 is not an option, newer versions of Windows 10 seem to also support this feature (Build 20185 or later). Here is a blogpost for how to enable it in the settings. Finally, depending on your router, some manufacturers offer that feature on the network level. Try searching for [your router brand] DNS over HTTPS to see if there is a support page for that. You might also want to look into a good VPN to mask your location, but that's a different topic.

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