The question: What's your preferred linux application that centralizes the major chat applications (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, etc.) into one?

Further details

What kind of application are you looking for?

A desktop linux application that centralizes other messaging applications. It's purpose is to reduce the number of applications needed to communication with people across platforms. The user problem is, "as a user, I want one app to use for messaging people so that I don't have to download, configure, update, keep track of notifications, etc. for multiple messaging apps".

What operating system do you want the application to run on?

The application should run on desktop Ubuntu. I found Beeper (https://www.beeper.com/) but this application isn't yet released.

What budget do you have?

The app should be $10 or less per month.

What features must the application have?

  1. Able to send and receive messages from WhatsApp
  2. Ditto for Signal
  3. Ditto for Telegram
  4. Ditto for Facebook Messenger
  5. Ditto for Instagram


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