I use Ubuntu 22.04. Is there an application for converting mathematical periodical sin/cos formula (functions) to sound? For example is there a way for playing these signals:

  • cos(2π · 440 t)
  • cos t + cos 2^(1/2) t


  • I only look for free applications.
  • I prefer a desktop application; but a simple web application is also acceptable.


  • I have installed FFmpeg and Octave on my machine.
  • A web page which describes the way of using those for my purpose is acceptable.

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Starting with Octave 5, you can use audiowrite (older versions used wavwrite) as listed here:


The first formula cos(2π · 440 t) can be exported into a WAV like this:

octave:1> fs = 44100;                           % set the sample rate in Hz
octave:2> data = cos(2*pi * 440 * (1:fs) / fs); % create the data
octave:3> audiowrite('cosinus.wav', data, fs);  % save data as wav file

Maybe something similar is possible for your second formula.

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