I want to have a free-to-use code (ideally from github, ideally in python) to scrape flight prices automatically for various connections, dates, times, airlines etc. which I can run at different times, ideally using different User Agent Strings (so the web page thinks its from a mozilla browser or chrome browser etc) etc., in order to really find the cheapest international flight.

On github I found various projects like expedia.py, Flight Price prediction, Airfare Tracker and flight scraper, but these projects seem to be a couple of years old and I could not find any up-to-date project at least on github.

So has someone a software recommendation for an up-to-date flight scraping code/tool/application?

Must have

  • Free
  • For International flights (departure and return date)
  • Command line tool for automated use

Nice to have

  • github project
  • python

Not important

  • Currency can be any currency
  • Curious if you found something interesting Nov 20 at 2:50


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