I am not looking to find all duplicate files.

I have an image that is low resolution on my desktop, sadly as it's low resolution it's not really usable.

But somewhere on my computer, on one of the 4 hard drives, I have that exact same image but high resolution and higher quality but I can not find it.

It would be helpful to be able to do reverse image search locally, offline.

I am looking for a tool that will resolve my struggles.
Ideally for Windows.


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This looks worth a try. (Whatever happened to Picasa?)


LATER: OK, I've tried it. Not worth the trouble. The search continues...

But I'll leave this answer up. It's useful to know what NOT to try!

  • The windows executable is 18 years old. Plus I see good amount of problems/bugs. Did not try it, but IMHO this software is not reliable. May 10, 2023 at 14:25

Gemini is good - https://macpaw.com/gemini
…but Mac only & pretty expensive for a one-trick pony £40 UKP.

I does handle more than just pictures, though. It can find many types of file & folder dupes & does a pretty good job of figuring out which should be considered the 'original' & which are just copies or reductions/low quality.

enter image description here

Included here just for completenss/future googlers.

  • Let's hope the original/copy is applicable only for images. It's hard for me to realize what can be original/copy (with low quality/reduced) ZIP :D May 11, 2023 at 20:01

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