SCENARIO: In Switzerland we have a pass card that is used for:

  • city public transport
  • trains
  • ski pass
  • public parking
  • etc...

it's called SwissPass:

enter image description here

PROBLEM: I park my car into a public parking and I need the SwissPass in order to open the gate of the parking. Sometimes I forget my SwissPass at home so I have to go back home to pick up the card in order to open the gate.

POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Ideally I would like to have an Android App that could read the NFC wave emitted by my SwissPass and could reproduce it.

I know for sure that modern telephones can read the NFC wave of a passport.

I need something like a card wallet but I cannot find a card wallet that could reproduce the wave of a card.

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    Usually such cards are not simple NFC-ID cards which only send their identifier and can be cloned easily, instead they are more like Smartcards with NFC-interface. You will have to wait for an official SwissCard wallet app. Note that reading a NFC card and emulating the same is something totally different.
    – Robert
    May 11 at 8:37
  • Thank you. You can post this as an answer if you want. May 11 at 11:30


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