I have a website with public and private sections. The private sections are available to signed-in users, and some only to paying users. I would like to index all pages and PDF assets and provide a search box. I could run that crawler on the local or development server, with all assets and pages open, and create an index. A search box would let a visitor search for a keyword and see if they'd get access to it by registering or buying.

I have seen Algolia on some websites and it does provide a crawler, but it is only for the public section of a website. I could also create the records myself and push them to Algolia, but doing so in my case is a lot of work because of the amount of information on the website and in different forms, and if I do that I might as well do a little more and code a simple search engine based on TF-IDF.

Does Algolia or a competitor provide a crawler to create an index on public and private sections of a website?


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