I want to geotag my audio files, but unfortunatly exiftool doesn't manage geotags for audio files.

I'm on linux, and I need a command line solution.

How can I do it?

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Not all audio file formats can save arbitrary metadata along with the file, but some do. WAV and MP3 are able to do that.

Now, I don't think that there is an audio file format which specifies a specific metadata name for GPS information and I don't know any app which would make use of such information to e.g. display a world map of your audio files.

That said, you can still save that information for yourself.

In Audacity, export the audio file as WAV or MP3. After the file name dialog, there's a dialog for metadata. In this dialog, click the "Add" button. You could e.g. create two entries, one for latitude and one for longitude, like so:

Audacity metadata dialog

In the screenshot, it says "whatever". Since there are more than 30 different ways of specifying a place on earth, I don't know what you want to enter there. Maybe you even want to add another field "GPS format" where you describe which data format you have used for the location.

A common format is certainly DMS, short for degree, minutes, seconds. You could e.g. specify 48°23'45.2" N or something.

Now, Audacity is not a command line tool. But id3edit has similar capabilities for the ID3 tags of MP3. I haven't tried this personally, but the principle should be the same: you can add whatever metadata you like and the data will simply be text.


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