Is there an Android app which lets you lock all phone apps such as Chrome, FB, Instagram etc between a time period? So that the user can only use their phone for calling between that time period but all the other apps will be locked? Perhaps locked with a password which the phone user will not have. Similar to how in the 90s they had software for parental lock on computer.

What I am looking for is a way to stop kids from using their phone when they are in school or during bedtime.

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AirDroid Parental Control is an example of an application which is focusing on this sort of functionality and is also mainly targetted for controlling children.

To have a very specific solution, you could also utilize Tasker and create a profile that shows e.g. a specific message box when entering anything except chosen apps until you enter a specific password in it or within a specific time frame.


A friend of mine uses Safes Parental Control and showed it to me. It's actually very accessible these days. This one has features like bedtime control and blocking unwanted apps. Although there are free options available, such as Google Family Link, etc.

I recommend having genuine conversations with your kids and making them aware of their situations before anything else.

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