I would like to measure the refresh rate of an arbitrary window. I am not sure, if there is a generic way to do this, but on the other hand, some FPS measuring tools exist:

  • XBox Game Bar, however, very unstable and crashes / freezes all the time
  • Steam FPS overlay, seems to work fine with any Steam app
  • Overlay from MSI Afterburner

Just to be clear, I am not looking for a good FPS overlay, I want to read the framerate from code. I am not sure how a library could report this, maybe the FPS or frametime directly, maybe the last frame's timestamp, or a callback whenever a frame is rendered. I am open for any solution from which you can somehow calculate the framerate.

I would prefer a solution that works in Java (probably with some native library running in the background), but I am also ok with platform dependent C/C++ code or similar.

I personally believe that this question belongs to Stack Overflow, but whatever.


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