My company has made golinks availabale for employees; for those unfamiliar, tldr it lets you have links like http://go/some-shortcut and that redirects to a longer, harder to remember url. The thing is, for this to work, some company-owned domain names need to be added to the system's Search Domains settings, which will send all queries that the default DNS servers are unable to resolve, for example when I enter a typo on a given domain.

I find this a bit intrusive and would like to be able to isolate that behavior, for example by using a dedicated Chrome profile for everything related to my work with the company, golinks included, but prevent anything else to end up going to those company search domains by simply using a separate Chrome profile or even separate browser.

This would not be a problem under company-owned hardware, however I use my own laptop to do company work as well as personal projects so I can carry it with me on trips and weekends and be available if my help is needed during an outage on company systems, but still be able to do my personal stuff without breaking any contract clauses of "you cannot do X on company hardware" or "you cannot install X software on company hardware", etc.

Is there a chrome extension that can do the work of system's Search Domains only at the browser session level? Or really, any alternatives to adding search domains globally? I've looked everywhere I could think of for one without success.

Thanks for your help/input!


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