I'm looking for a tool that my not-really-funded-at-all group can use to manage cross-posting events we host and other announcements on social media where people can find them. We want to say things like "Hey everyone in town, we are meeting this week at the park, come on down!" and have them go out on Twitter and Facebook to followers there.

We have a lot of people who would need access to the system, not because we're a big organization, but because each individual only has a few minutes of attention for posting the group's stuff on social media per month, and we need to be able to split the work.

But this requirement makes us look like we're in the enterprise social media management marketing agency customer segment, when we're really not. If we wanted to use Later.com, we'd be in their $40 "Growth" or $80 "Advanced" monthly tiers, because there are 3 or more of us. Using Buffer we would be charged $12 per month per channel, or $24 per month total, for their "Team" plan. AlternativeTo lists 159 Buffer alternatives, but all the ones I have looked at so far reserve their "free" or even plausibly-priced plans for single-user operations, and think that if multiple people need to be involved, there's business-level money available, which is not the case for us.

Is there a tool that several people can use to cross-post to shared Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, that is designed and priced for a few individuals or a club, and not a professional marketing team?

5 minutes of juggling shared passwords and logging in and out for every post isn't enough hassle for us to justify a $20/month subscription, but it is enough hassle to make it not really worth it to post stuff on social media.


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