Analysis patterns and design patterns are powerful concepts for building knowledge bases. I'm looking for a software to easily collect and maintain pattern catalogues / pattern languages.

Solutions that come to mind, however, do not cover my requirements entirely:

  • concept / mind mapping software
  • wiki (together with site templates)
  • ontology editors
  • UML editors
  • ticket systems

What I have in mind, has to parts:

I. a graph editor to describe how patterns (respresentes as nodes) relate

  • with different graphical types of nodes and edges

II. a simple form that can be filled out for each pattern

  • while the form definition should depend on the pattern type and must be adjustable
  • supporting attachment of images, URLs, files and
  • full text search

If one of the systems mentioned above (maybe via plugin) still meets my needs, I'd also be thankful for a suggestion. There is no need for multi-user support.

Target environment:

  • web (not necessarily self-hostable) or
  • Windows desktop

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