I have a list of folders, each containing a collection of images.

Main folder with subfolders containing images

Subfolder with pictures

I want to input the main directory and convert all images within each subfolder to a single pdf where the pdf is saved to its respective subfolder. To give a visual example

Subfolder with PDF containing all images and name equal to subfolder

What is the fastest and most efficient way to achieve this? I have tried multiple online sites and programs but they only work by folder or have a file limitation. Free software is preferred but anything that works is welcomed.

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A popular CLI app you can use is ImageMagick. All you do is execute this command in chosen directory:

magick dirname\* test.pdf

Which you can recurse for subdirectories with any kind of loop within your shell.

The more recommended tool thanks to quality and speed is img2pdf though. The usage is quite similar:

img2pdf dirname\* --output test.pdf

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