I have a Bluetooth gamepad controller, that Windows can see, but has no specific drivers. In the past I've been able to use tools like the x360ce Controller Emulator to map such controls to an Xinput compatible state for modern gaming, however this particular pad uses analog triggers that don't appear to be sent with the DirectInput data for the conversion.

Using the Gamepad Test site it's clear that, over the HTML5 Gamepad API (which I believe is the HID API) , all these controls are being sent, I can see the analog triggers working on their own axes.

Therefore, it's clear that to make this pad operable, I need something similar to the x360ce approach, but that reads the original inputs from Gamepad/HID API and re-sends them as Xinput. Ideally, I should be able to remap the controls prior to the resend, but if not I can use a second emulated controller to do the translation if need be.


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