Is there any debugging tools for WebGPU?

Something like RenderDoc app that I can see the buffers and frames.

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WebGPU Recorder

WebGPU Recorder is a debugging tool for WebGPU.

It is a playback recorder, designed to capture all WebGPU commands and data, with the ability to play back the commands to recreate the render.

It captures all WebGPU commands, buffers, and textures, over a given number of frames. It will then generate an HTML file containing javascript with all of the WebGPU commands recorded. This generated HTML file can be opened in the browser to play back the recording.

This can be used to diagnose issues with WebGPU rendering by eliminating everything but the raw WebGPU commands. This is also very helpful for submitting self-contained reproduction examples for bug reports.


  • It sounds a great tools. I m going to test it. Thank you! Feb 28, 2023 at 11:01

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