I have this Tempo modal in JIRA

enter image description here

and I struggle to make the click of the text "Show hidden fields" generic for

The element selector gives me

#io.tempo.jira__tempo-app__1670393c |> div.sc-ikjiJv

for CSS selector and

id("io.tempo.jira__tempo-app__1670393c") |> id("showHiddenFields")/DIV1

for XPath. Not sure what 1670393c is used for but I am sure that it might change for different date or logged user or so. I think that using id("showHiddenFields") should be pretty generic and safe to use but it does not work for me.

Verify element for

  • id("io.tempo.jira__tempo-app__1670393c") |> id("showHiddenFields")/DIV[1] works but
  • id("showHiddenFields") does not work

The html is like

<div tabindex="0" id="showHiddenFields" data-testid="showHiddenFields" class="sc-jgplMO UvTHV">
  <div tabindex="-1" class="sc-ikjiJv faacbr">Show hidden fields</div>

and the div is embedded in iFrame < iframe id="io.tempo.jira__tempo-app__1670393c" ...

Any suggestion how to make it work?

  • Don't know if this question belong in "software recommendations" as a separate question. But "does not work" is too vague. Does the workflow end with a success? What's in its logs? Have you tried other actions, such as Get Text, with the same selector?
    – Destroy666
    Feb 20 at 14:05


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