I am in need for a database that can store very long tables.


value DOUBLE

"A.112.akizo", "2023-01-01 01:00", 0, 1234.54
"A.112.akizx", "2023-01-01 01:00", 0, -33.00
"A.113.boxrw", "2023-01-01 02:00", 0, 45.32

name and date would be my primary-key.

I need to store millions of rows per year. I will select by name/date and also update. Do not need to have references to other tables. No need for SQL but addressing by name/date is mandatory.

My 1st approach would be a normal table in a DBMS (like MariaDB or PostgreSql) and maybe have it for each year if it gets too long (e.g. MYTAB_2022, MYTAB_2023).

Not sure if there are better ways for handling this.

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Since you don't need relations or SQL, have you considered NoSQL? Such as DynamoDB that definitely comes with scalability. And if you need a more local and free solution, since you didn't state, then e.g. Elasticsearch could work.


You could try a Timeseries Database. Or a database for logging data such as RRDtool which is mature.

Third-party tools couldhelp visualize these datasets.

For nanosecond-resolution you could try Prometheus which is a monitoring system with a time series database. Which product you choose depends on your requirements and preferences.

If you need fast loading times and your focus is on in-memory analytics, you could try Apache Arrow or DuckDb for instance

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