I have a lot of Docker images installed. Some of them are from hub.docker.com, and were created by others. Often I don't understand them in depth. I have customized a few of these Docker images, by tweaking the default configuration inside the container, changing some files, added plugins to apps, etc.

Then I have created new images with the docker commit command.

Now when I try to delete an image with the docker image remove command, I get errors. Something like Image cannot be deleted because some other image depends on it. And when I delete those, the same error message appears. Thus, some images have grandchildren.

Is there a visualization tool that finds and displays all dependencies among images? Then it should try to find secondary, tertiary dependencies as well. It would be cool if it also displayed the names of dependent containers .

The output should be something like a family tree for images and containers (if possible). It could be ascii-art, pixel grahics or vector graphics.

I just want to use this tool for personal purposes, it does not have to be production quality; no need for fancy collaboration features. It should be free and should run on Linux)


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