Think of an action to one of the several thousands of services.

I want to narrow down service selection via Tab-completion by specifying one by one:

  • prod, test, dev
  • country (AU, US, ...)
  • function (frontend, backend, ...)
  • cluster name (service is a part of)
  • any other properties
  • ...
  • service name (reduced set based on input above)

The more args get specified,
the more specific value set is proposed for the next arg.

Is there anything existing integrated with Bash?


It could be anything else solving the problem above,
but I see a setup involving:

  • A client = some (intermediate) command name to bind Bash completion to.
  • A (local | remote) standby service with loaded/indexed data for quick completion replies.
  • A user sends all Tab-auto-completion requests via client to the server.
  • Once all arg values got Tab-completed by the user,
    Enter relays the data from the server to the client to execute an action:
    • log in to the destination
    • look up remote resource state
    • etc.

A (web) UI does not cut it - ultimately, the target is a shell env anyway.

There could be some tools specific to some cloud providers,
but I'm looking for an agnostic one providing:

  • all the client-server interfaces,
  • plugin support for various data sources,
  • configure-able (domain-specific) lookup,

I came up with a POC, but it will take time to mature -
still hoping to find anything existing.

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Try argrelay when facing a similar problem.

Given there were no comments/answers and search gave no acceptable results for many weeks, the POC has matured enough and the outcome is quite satisfying.

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