I have some disk images created with Symantec's (formerly RSA's) "PGP Desktop's PGPDisk (Wikipedia article)". Is there some (preferably "free") software that can mount such images on Windows 10 and maybe Linux?

I found PGPdisk, but the actual downloads seem to have gone away.

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would be great if you could share your experience, in case you found a solution in the meantime. I own some .psd backup files from my old Win98 PC, and the only way I had to open those files was to install Win98 in VMware, and to install the latest free PGP disk, that I found here: https://www.pl.vim.org/pub/security/replay/pgp/pgp60/pgp651_freeware/PGP_pers_prv_651_eval.zip (was very time consuming) Linux and Mac versions also available there https://www.pl.vim.org/pub/security/replay/pgp/pgp60/pgp651_freeware/

  • Are you sure about the legal state of said software? AFAIK "PGP Disk" required a license. Is that an official build, or is it some hacked software?
    – U. Windl
    Oct 15, 2023 at 20:41

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