I am currently use meld and it seems to have performance issues on Mac/OSX that I don't experience on linux. I've noticed a surprising number of meld alternatives are really poor quality and un-usable in random ways and am finding it exhausting to repeatedly try each program, configure them as a git tool, then find out they are missing what I consider extremely basic usability features.

somewhere criteria not met
Meld performance issues
Beyond Compare 3 no dark mode
KDiff3 no dark mode
p4merge dark mode exists but does not work
Sublime Merge can't edit local/remote panes
Kaleidoscope can't edit local/remote panes

I need dark mode for medical reasons. It is a hard requirement.

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Beyond Compare 4 has color schemes you can import or change, at least for the text (no idea if one can change the color of the toolbar/menu bar, for example.

Visual Studio has a tool vsdiffmerge that can be used as a mergetool, and of course, since afaik this is actually just a visual studio instance, changing the color palette works here too.

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