I need browsers, for Windows 10 and 11 desktops, built-in with a stable and solid VPN. I spurn installing an additional VPN client!

Rule out, AND DON'T REPEAT, the following that I already tried!**

  1. Opera browser is slow and sluggish. Its VPN connection can be unstable.
  2. Tor Browser is blocked by many providers, so impossible to use.
  3. Epic browser is downsizing its number of VPN server locations. They halted their India server. I need sundry connections from as many different countries as possible!


I prefer FREE of charge! Please specify if each of your recommendation is FREE- or PAY-ware.

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They halted their India server.

India now requires VPNs log user activity. All providers have pulled out of India, or are in the process of pulling out. India is no longer a safe place to put a VPN server.

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