I'm looking for something similar to what this guy is looking for, but for Linux, and hosted on an application server (Tomcat, ... - doesn't have to be JavaEE).

We build a lot of equipment for in-house use - like specialised PCs and optical equipment - so we buy in a lot of components and assemble them; it is getting difficult to keep track of which comnponents we have in stock and where they went, once they are used. We need something where we can

  • Enter all unused components; scanning isn't really relevant for our use
  • Keep track of which build a component was used in
  • The application should keep track of suppliers, prices etc
  • Database backend, eg. mysql, postgres, ideally via JDBC or ODBC
  • No cloud hosting!

Any recommendations? I don't need anything fancy - I could stitch something basic together, but I'm hoping to avoid that.

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You can try: Koillection

  • It is open source, and must be self-hosted.
  • It can run on Linux. See here for installation requirements.
  • Supports Mysql, PostgreSQL, MariaDB.
  • It has collections and items management (create, edit, delete).
  • Metadata can be added to items etc.
  • See here for features.

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