I'm searching for a free (preferably open source) video recording software with the following specs:

  1. Works 100% offline
  2. Runs on Windows 10
  3. Allows me to capture an area of the screen instead of the full screen
  4. Has some means to visualize off-screen user input (shows when a mouse click occurs or a keyboard shortcut is pressed)
  5. Allows me to save the recording to mp4 or gif format

So far I tried screenrec but that fails on #4. Any good ideas?

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Open Broadcast Studio (OBS Studio) covers all the points.

  • It is a free, stand-alone download that works on Windows 10.
  • It runs on Windows 10 (current version does not work on W7)
  • Confirmed from the site features list that one can select active window to capture
  • Plug-ins exist for OBS Studio to enable display of keystrokes and mouse actions. One such plug-in is called Input Overlay and may not be exactly what you require, but there are more than a couple in the OBS Studio environment. YouTube video at the linked site shows this specific feature.
  • Confirmed file format output (MP4) from forum post at linked site "change the file extension for the path to MP4 under Settings > Broadcast Settings."

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