I have a JavaFX application with a TableView. The user can filter the displayed rows with a search term they enter in a TextField.

Currently I iterate over all cells and use simply String.contains().
I want to enhance it, so the user can also enter e. g.:

"hello OR hallo -world columnB:abc".  
-> include or exclude ("-world"), 
AND or OR combinations, search in particular columns ("columnB:abc") and so on.

Is there an existing library which I can use?

I searched on the web, but didn't find a library for this use case.
Search engines like Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Elasticsearch seem not to fit (overload for this simple use case and I have already structured data (TableView) - no full text.

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Found a promising solution: a parser generator like ANTLR. (See Wikipedia.)

Using a grammar file as input it allows you to generate a parser. With it you get a parse tree at runtime which you can then process in your application.

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