I am transcribing German audio to text using VOSK using a German model. This works quite well, except for a few issues:

  • it outputs text in all lower case
  • numbers are transcribed as text
  • the result has no punctuation

I'm now looking for a software that can help me with the first point of that list: fixing the casing of the text.


  • TXT file as input (German, lowercase)
  • TXT file as output (German, upper case corrected)
  • command line utility (it will be used in an automated script)
  • no user interaction, like no interactive spelling correction
  • works on Debian 11 or Windows 10
  • is gratis, open source preferred
  • offline. I don't want anything to be sent to the Internet

The results needn't be 100% correct. 80% correction sounds good enough for me.


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