If you have a problem with ASCII codes, you do a quick search on the Internet and find the ASCII table. Luckily, there's not much discussion about the 7-bit ASCII character set and there's only one table.

It get's more complicated if you need to deal with code pages, since there are many. Yes, you can look them up on Wikipedia, but it's tedious.

My hope is that there is a tool that can do all kinds of stuff with code pages, like:

  • simply display the code page. Obviously this should work independently from the code page I have currently set.
  • compare two code pages, i.e. highlight the differences between two code pages. Wikipedia does this, but it compares to code page 437 (OEM US / Latin) only.
  • search for characters. I want to type a character like à and it tells me in which code pages that character exists.

The tool should work on Windows, although I might even consider setting up a Linux VM for this.

Budget-wise, I prefer gratis and open source software, but I might even pay 20 € for a perpetual license.


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