I have to docket the time I spend on routine correspondence, and it's fixed at six minutes. I don't have to give the time in and out, just the date, and a short description. Currently I enter them manually on Clockify at 0:00-0:06, 0:06-0:12, 0:12-0:18 and so on. This is incredibly tedious. Is there some free or incredibly cheap way I can either:

  1. Ideally, have the information sent automatically to my Google Calendar or Clockify (I've tried to automate this but haven't been able to come up with rules that put the correct information in the email that then there are too many actions for the free automation subscriptions - possibly because I've done the rules inefficiently).

OR, still requiring some work from me but possible that's for the best:

  1. Harvest some of the data from the email (e.g. date and subject line) and allow me to select/enter some basic info from the Gmail screen.

Thank you!


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