I want to make an installer that basically:

  • Silently install other programs
  • Run a shell script
  • Clone a git repo

It's a way to solve File synchronization solution for controlling type of sync for subfolders and devices?

I'd like it to have a creative way to impress users, maybe a slide of images during installation. Inno Setup doesn't seem to be able to do so. Users only need to click one time to choose the location. I have looked at List of installation software - Wikipedia but not sure what to choose. The priorities are:

  • Be able to create a creative graphical interface
  • Low price

It will be on Windows.

I'm also looking for such installer templates for ideas. For example, this is the skin of WiX Toolset:

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At the end of the day, I decided to write a small Winform C# application for this. I was advised to stay away from Python (for its terribleness at GUI) and Node.js Electron (for its terribleness at memory: a simple hello world app requires you to run a whole instance of Chrominum). However, since the app is small and simple, I guess those weaknesses are not significant.

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