The website learnxinyminutes.com gives extremely brief, concise, fairly thorough tours of technologies and languages such as C, git, python, etc. These tutorials contain 80% of the commonly used functions, etc.

Is there a site/series of books/application that provides brief tours of, say, biology, organic chemistry, physics, maths, philosophy, psychology, sociology etc.? I find that the breadth of knowledge I want to learn is greater than the depth I'd like in any specific field, so learning a wide range of topics on a surface level would be more interesting to me.

As a lot of maths is conceptual and can be described as equations, I can look up "discrete maths cheat sheet" or "statistics cheat sheet" to find PDFs that provide me with a lot of useful formulas, etc. that can serve as a springboard for further understanding. It's the same with physics in the form of the website HyperPhysics. Is there a site that provides tutorials like this for all sorts of disciplines and subjects? I'm learning for the sake of learning, not for any curriculum/board, so any resources are appreciated.


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