I would like to get time tracking on my Chromebook.

I have three major requirements:

  1. Idle time detection works reliably, and notifications are hard to miss
  2. The software constantly displays total time worked that day, ideally ‘Always on top’ or on the shelf/bottom taskbar
  3. I can pause and restart the clock manually

I have tried the Clockify and Toggle Chrome extensions, but I find that the idle time detection is hit and miss.

The only native time tracking app I have found for Chrome OS is Hubstaff. Idle time detection seems to work reliably. However, the app is not ‘always on top’, and notifications appear in the app only, not as system notifications. This means that I miss the pop-up asking me whether to discard or keep the idle time, which pauses the timer, so any further computer activity is not recorded.

(I have also seen that RescueTime appears to have a Chromebook app, but this looks really complicated and invasive. If I could somehow create a cut-down version with fewer features I would consider it.)


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