I have a SQLite 3 database and I need to write Python code that deals with it, basically the typical CRUD operations as an object oriented wrapper around the database. I find myself writing stupid SQL queries like SELECT this FROM there; and create a list of objects of a certain type.

The task feels so stupid and repetitive that I think someone must have written a code generator or something to do this more reliably than I ever could.

Such a generator or library shall be free of cost.

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Peewee helped me reduce the code by ~50%.

And then I found that Peewee comes with a tool called Pwiz, which generates Python code from the database, which helped a lot, because that way I only need to be able to read the code and adapt it. I learn a lot while reading the generated code. That's great.

I ran the following code in a Pycharm terminal:

python -m pwiz -e sqlite my.db > my_db_model.py

Code generated (excerpt):

class Weeklytask(BaseModel):
    id = AutoField(column_name='ID', null=True)
    task_markdown = CharField(column_name='TaskMarkdown', null=True)
    year_of_study = IntegerField(column_name='YearOfStudy', null=True)

    class Meta:
        table_name = 'weeklytask'

When you use it, maybe it's good to know:

  • You can't write the query
    Assignments.select().where(Assignments.completed is None)
    but use

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