While opening links in Brave/Chrome there are options to

  • Open in new tab
  • Open in new window

I would like an option to open in new monitor or screen. I want to open new links on the other screen. This is so I can compare the original page and the newly opened page side by side.

Is there an addon that might do this?

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I am not aware of an add on which can do this but I have another suggestion.

If you are using Windows, you can simply move a new window by shortcut. For example to move a window to the right screen press: windows + shift +

So my workflow is Shift + click link: opens new window in chrome. Now hands are already on keyboard and i press the shortcut to move the window.

If you are using a Mac, you may want to consider Rectangle. Rectangle describes itself like this:

Move and resize windows in macOS using keyboard shortcuts or snap areas


So if I got you right, you're looking for an addon that keeps an eye on any changes that happen on a new tab, right? Well, I actually use this cool one called HARPA.AI, which comes with a guide on how to monitor pages https://harpa.ai/guide/monitor-price-drops in new tab. Hope that helps!

  • Not quite, the pages are normally different but related. Apr 11 at 7:59

The solution I have settled on, uses the least number of keystrokes.

  • I have another browser window open on the other monitor
  • I grab the link from the current page and drag it to the tab area of this window.
  • I can do multiple ones and each one opens a new tab on the other screen.

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