I often take pictures of distant buildings with a Pixel 6/7/8 Pro Android phone which has a 4x optical zoom (telephoto).

The building is typically a bit too high and large to take in a single 4x shot, but fits in 4 shots:

enter image description here

Question: What app helps me take the necessary shots, and stitches them into a high-quality JPG file?


  • If I use the 2x zoom, the building is fully covered in a single shot, but it severely lacks details.
  • The stock camera's Panorama and Photo Sphere modes do not let me switch to the 4x lens.
  • I am only shooting far-away flat objects, no foreground/background, so 2D stitching is probably enough. No need for sphere-like output, as my goal is to export a 2D JPG.
  • The level of details should be as close as possible as what the 4x lens gives.
  • Bonus if the app shows me a preview that guides me to fully cover the building.
  • Below 50$, great if gratis, wonderful if open source.

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Bimostitch Panorama Stitcher usually does a decent job at stitching pictures. There is a gratis ad-supported version and a paid version with more features.


  • Does not guide you, so it is difficult to be sure you have covered the whole building.
  • Sometimes gets confused, stitching pictures at the incorrect place.

The quality of the final JPG output is very close to the quality of the 4x input pictures.

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