I am searching for the best-known library to use/implement a listener over the system applications in Python

For example,

  1. print "This is a new application" whenever a new application (notepad let's say) starts [Event]
  2. print "appicationX is closed" whenever a running application (notepad let's say) closed [Event]
  3. I want to print "User is now focused on AppX" whenever the user jump from one application to another (jumped from notepad to chrome) [Event]

Through my search, I found this Python code which makes use of the ctypes library to do something similar to what I am searching for

It has two problems

  1. it works on windows only
  2. it doesn't capture on-open / on-close events -- it just captures the on-change events

I am looking for a library to use that can overcome those two

  • You forgot to mention what platforms you need in addition to Windows. But as the available UI systems work all totally different I don't think there is a real solution because each platform needs different code...
    – Robert
    Nov 7, 2022 at 22:09


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