For some years now, I have been using Simple Control which was renamed to Roomie Remote.

I did not want to use an Apple device, but was unable to find anything on Android. When it works, it works well. But it has severe usability and subscription issues and support just tell me to find a professional installer instead of fixing things. As it happens, it was installed by a professional installer, but I cant continue to pay him every time there is a new version.

The software should

  1. Run on Android Devices
  2. Handle or Control common Audio Visual Devices
  3. Have support for blasters to convert Infra-red to IP
  4. Have support to link to Home Automation using REST calls or similar
  5. Require NO new box at the TV, projector or Screen.
  6. Support Scenes or Activities. As an example, Play Amazon Firestick in Movie Room would
    • turn on the Projector,
    • drop the screen
    • close the blinds
    • turn off the lights
    • power on the Denon/Heos Amplifier
    • power up the Firestick
    • initilaize everything to work
    • provide a combined virtual remote on the Android

There is the Logitech system, but it requires an ugly gadget in every room, next to the screen and TV.

  • Not using anything like that myself – but while waiting for good recommendation, mybe this part of my "remote Droide" series (app-listings) has something suitable: Control Multimedia Devices
    – Izzy
    Oct 29, 2022 at 15:59


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