I have a series of images that I would like to be manually reviewed for their quality and ease of collecting data.

For each image, I would like to ask a series of questions (similar to the example in the image below) and collect this information (ideally with the ability to export to .csv format):

Ideal Survey Format: enter image description here

Data Output:

enter image description here

I initially reviewed surveymonkey which has the ability to add images as questions/ answers, but this would require a "new survey" for each image. My next step was to custom build a platform in R shiny/ OpenCV, but I was hoping there is already an easier solution available.

Is there software that has this set up in place?

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Disclosure: I work for PollUnit

You could give PollUnit a try. PollUnit offers various ways to vote on images. You will find some examples here.

To get a survey in your format you can create a PollUnit Survey and add a "Matrix / Scale" or "Query information" step. Here you can simply put an image in the description. This could look like the attached example:

Example image survey step

Then you can create a step per image. PollUnit is free for a limited amount of participants. CSV export is only available from the business plan.


I ended up solving this solution by using Qualtrics "loop & merge".

STEP 1: You first have to create a "block" for the image. In which you can put the following code in as a text field: ${lm://Field/1}

STEP 2: Then once the block is set block you can click "Loop & Merge" on the left hand side: enter image description here

STEP 3: From there you can input images saved into the Qualtrics graphic library using the image location: "<img src="example_url_link_data"/>"

enter image description here

STEP 4: Add your questions to a second block. To ensure all the questions stay on the same page, change the question setting to "single page".

Resources used:

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