I'm currently making maps for a few different console (emulated) games by disabling channels and making in game screenshots. It's painfully slow stitching the images together in a graphic tool like Photoshop or Paint.Net. Attempting to use Photoshops auto line up tool for this purpose doesn't work.

What I would like is a program that loads all the images in a folder and lets me freely move them around with the mouse and put them on different layers so some images can be in front or behind others. It would be cool if it saves these layouts as canvas locations and doesn't require importing the images themselves into a proprietary format. Being able to zoom would be a great feature for making sure the images are lined up properly. I know office can sort of do what I want, but office likes to down sample the images or get weird with sizing.

There is a series of tools for a paper doll format called KiSS (Kisekae Set System) but the format requires touching the images and can't be quickly updated. Plus I'd like the ability to save the layouts and possibly export the construct to a lossless format after I'm done with it. The programs also don't play well with desktop scaling, making them blurry.

Is there PC software that does this?


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