So I'm trying to create folders full of certain types of images. So for instance, I might have a hundred photos and then I would tag a bunch of these photos with attributes like "subject : doctor" and "gender : male" and others "style : painting."

I'd like to be able to query this list and output into specific folders. Either manually or automatically. Where I can find pictures that have specific tags and then either export to a specified folder, or again, automatically do that.

But the main thing I need to do is just have an overall repository for these pictures and a program to manage the tags. Because I find constantly that when trying to organize my pictures for my specific purpose, that many of them fit more than one need. Some of them might be good to demonstrate a certain style, while also being a good basis of a subject, or a specific artist.

So from my need standpoint I need more pools of pictures than I start with. I don't have the ability to modify the code of the tool that is using the pictures so I have to do this the obviously bad way rather than update the tool to see the tags and then work that way.


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