I need some advice on Portfolio Management Software for our team. We are currently using Asana to manage individual projects, but we presently don’t have a way to manage dependencies/conflicts between projects.

I’ve been doing research for the past few days now, and while there are a LOT of good software options, and I just don’t have the time or the patience to review them all. It seems the main competitors are JIRA, Asana, Monday.com and ProductBoard.


  • Easy to use tool with low learning curve
  • Feature rich out of the box
  • Trouble Ticket tool integration
  • Project graphing tool (GANTT like)
  • Able to track projects as a whole and be able to drill-down into a projects sub-tasks
  • Able to assign and track resources between projects
  • Ability to assign times and dependencies at a project and a resource level (which resources are spread across multiple projects, etc.)
  • Plan on a page (Single pane of glass)
  • Align to Big Rock Goals as top line business drivers
  • Screen mockup idea (below)

Ideal Project Portfolio Feature to show dependencies


  • Should key project stakeholders be emailed when their project component (task, resource, etc.) has a conflict/pending deadline?


  • Price (how much would it cost to adopt new tool)
  • Time to integrate
  • Resources available
  • Adoption (ramp up time / learning curve time)

I would prefer JIRA but it seems it is geared more towards individual projects. Is Asana the best tool then at the portfolio level?

I welcome any advice on how to pick the best PPM tool.


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