I'm looking for a slim open source alternative to healthchecks.io for self hosting.

It seems to be very simple to code for a basic function, but I had no luck to find a minimal solution.

The minimal solution should provide a simple client or a command line script, which sends a ping message to the CGI script on the server. The message includes a long secret to identify plus an identifier for the service to track. The CGI stores a timestamp to the database, if credentials match. Optionally the tool can create a nice plot, but this can also be performed by external tools.

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FWIW Healthchecks itself is open-source (BSD license) and can be self-hosted. It can use SQLite as the database backend. It does not need Redis, Celery, Memcache, Clickhouse or any major dependencies like that.

Source: https://github.com/healthchecks/healthchecks

For the client, a good option is runitor. You can also use curl, which may already be installed.

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