I'm looking for a Cloud-based remote desktop software that allows to make a "command prompt" connection or, even better, via SSH.

Zoho Assist does this but it is full of bugs.

Basically, the features I need are quite few:

  • Cloud-based, that's mean I have a dashboard with the status of all my remote machines and I can connected to them without any user action (the machines are unattended)
  • I also need a terminal connection (or SSH) without the needs to enable the remote desktop (this is useful when you need to work from terminal only or when the video is missing or failing)
  • it should work even if an end-to-end VPN (SSH-tunnel) is active
  • all my machines are Linux-based (Ubuntu) but compatibility with Windows is nice to have

I'm not sure how this "terminal connection" is actually named, so I have difficulties to make searches and to understand if a software (i.e. Anykesk) does support it.


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