• objcopy(1) can edit .symtab (among many other things), but not .dynsym.
  • elfedit(1) can modify small amount of header values
  • patchelf(1) can modify other dynamic information (interpreter, libraries, soname), but not dynamic symbols.

But what tool should I use to edit dynamic symbol table, e.g. add new symbol or copy symbol from .symtab?

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LIEF is a tool for elf modification and is able to edit the dynamic symbol table:

# version 0.13.2-1
from lief import *

elf = ELF.parse("/bin/ls")

# make existing symbol dynamic
for symbol in elf.symbols:
    if symbol.name.startswith("snake"):

# make a single symbol dynamic
if sym := elf.get_symbol("python"):

# add completely new symbol
sym = ELF.Symbol()
sym.name = "rattlesnake"
# make sure to use new reference that
# `add_*` functions return
sym = elf.add_dynamic_symbol(sym)
for i, section in enumerate(elf.sections):
    if section.name == ".text":
        sym.shndx = i
        sym.value = section.virtual_address + 0x1337

# save patched file

We can confirm that the modification did take place:

$ readelf --dyn-syms -W patched | grep rattle
   120: 0000000000006357     0 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT   12 rattlesnake

LIEF has c and c++ bindings as well, more documentation about those can be found on their website.

(I also used it recently to patch a build of gdb that did not export the proper symbols for libthread_db.so.1)

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