TLDR; I am sick of using hybrid frameworks like Next.js and I want something what is more scalable, but still relatively simple to use and fast for development.

Last few years, my go-to, first on mind stack for small dynamic SPA sites (mainly stats, paygate, ticket portal, etc.) was React frontend+NodeJS backend with MariaDB. I used Next.js for that.

Lately, I wanted to update those sites, add new features, methods of signIn, and refactor the code a little and I realized that Next.js is large pain in the ass for those types of projects.

Do you guys have any recommendations for stack that I can use for those types of apps that will be simple to use and straightforward more than using this type of mixed framework like Next.js is?

I tried to do separated apps (React for FE and Nest.js for backend), but it is overkill for apps of the size I have. Or you think that having separated FE and BE have benefits in feature?

Do you think that usage of some non-SQL databases will also help speedup and simplify the development or it is more problems than gains?

Share your personal experience ;) I am still kinda new to this "JS everywhere" trend and I want to hear if someone is using different stacks these days for SPA apps and are still happy working with it ;)


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