I'm looking for open source software that I can host or use, that supports audio calling and some form of texting. My goal is to find something similar to Discord or Skype except it can handle poor connections better or at minimum allow me to use opus audio compression with a low-bit rate.

The software would preferably be web-based similar to the web-based version of Discord and Skype however if it's not possible to meet these requirements with a web-based program I'd be open to a computer program as well.

The problem I'm trying to solve is that for some people I talk with on Skype their network isn't good so sometimes they sound like a robot when I'm talking to them because I miss small sections of their audio so Skype stretches out the portions of the audio I receive. The people I'm talking to are very unlikely able to make improvements to their internet access so I would prefer software that can better handle this situation.


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