I'm designing my first solar power system and it would be great to build a model to test all my math before buying parts.

Is there a circuit simulator that includes things like solar panels, water pumps, solar controllers, etc, and preferably that runs on Linux?

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You are looking for 1d thermodynamic cycle evaluation software for Linux. A software that can consider transients would be desirable to account for variable sun thermo-inputs and look at capacitances need in your system.

One Linux example, I see is a Python system called: MCycle: A Python package for 1D sizing and analysis of thermodynamic power cycles. Available from GitHub. Looks like a text-based system; not GUI. I have no experience with this but superficially looks useful.

I use an old Windows GUI thermo-analysis software called "cyclepad". Ref: https://www.qrg.northwestern.edu/software/cyclepad/cyclesof.htm. Has GUI build network capability. Runs fine in wine on openSUSE Linux. This has many heat input modules but I don't know if solar input is available.

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